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Ocean Network Express (ONE) and Project Maji host inauguration ceremony to celebrate successful provision of clean water in rural Kenya

London, 15 November 2023 - Ocean Network Express (ONE), a global container shipping company, joined forces with Project Maji, a non-profit safe water enterprise to launch a transformative water project providing sustainable access to safe drinking water. Representatives from both organizations and the local community celebrated the successful installation of the MajiPlus system at an inauguration ceremony held last week in Mwingi, Kitui County, Kenya. This follows on from the successful ONE sponsored Project Maji clean water system installed on the banks of the river Volta in Ghana in August.

Strategically located to serve as a vital resource hub for the Kenyan Ndoo community, the ONE funded MajiPlus system consists of a network of compact mini water kiosks with a 2500L storage tank powered by solar energy connecting to a previously disused government central borewell. This solution directly impacts the lives of over 2500 people by offering reliable access to affordable clean water. Previously, the majority of the community relied on an expensive, distant water source or they used unsafe river water which caused people to suffer from waterborne diseases.

The MajiPlus system has three water access points and further connections to the local market and primary and secondary schools. The school access points make a vital impact to students who previously had to bring their own water to school for preparing meals and cleaning the school. While parents often helped their children by delivering water on their behalf, some students would start their days by looking for and carrying water to school. With the new installation, students are much less likely to miss classes due to illness caused by contaminated water. They are also able to enhance their environment by planting trees and nurturing small gardens within the schools.