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South Africa Terminal and Vessel Update 15th May 2020

Durban and Coega/Port Elizabeth are performing well at present, with no significant delays. Durban Terminal does have a larger number of scheduled vessel calls towards the latter part of May with higher move counts, which could result in potential delays.

Cape Town again suffered a shortage of resources in the morning shift reducing the terminal to a single berth / 2 gang operation. Delays are starting to increase within May, averaging 6.1 days so far. 

As at 14th May

Cape Town Container Terminal              - 3 berths / 4 gangs [variable 1-2 berths working]
Cape Town Multipurpose Terminal        - 1 berth / 2 gangs 
Coega Container Terminal                     - 2 berths / 4-5 gangs
Port Elizabeth Container Terminal         - 1 berth / 3 gangs 
Durban Pier 1 Terminal                           - 2 berth / 4-5 gangs
Durban Pier 2 Terminal                          - 4 berths / 10 gangs
Durban Multipurpose Terminal              - 1 berths / 2 gangs

Latest vessel/trade updates are tabled below:

Europe Trade

M/V MOL Presence v.202B: Is now at Cape Town anchorage and due to berth 2000hrs 16th May to sail 1800hrs 18th May. The vessel is still on schedule  to reach all European berthing windows.

M/V Santa Clara v.202B:  At Port Elizabeth anchorage, berthing PECT 0600hrs 15th May to sail 1800hrs 15th May. The vessel is well in advance of the Cape Town window and the berthing plan shows 1800hrs 21st May to sail 1000hrs 24th May.

M/V Santa Rita v.202B: At Durban anchorage 2130hrs 14th May. The vessel will berth as planned 0600hrs 16th May to sail 2200hrs 18th May, proceeding to Cape Town. 

M/V Kmarin Aqua v.22N: First WAF1 sailing Port Elizabeth to Algeciras is in RSA waters and on PECT plan on time for 24th - 25th May.

M/V Santa Isabel v.202B: Inbound from Europe, due to long berthing delays in Cape Town, the Cape Town import call has been omitted and cargo will remain on board for 2nd call. The vessel is now proceeding to Coega and will berth on arrival at 0800hrs 17th May and sail 0600hrs 18th May. The Durban call is scheduled for berthing 23rd May.

M/V Santa Rosa v.202A/B: ETA Cape Town 0400hrs 24th May and on the berth plan for 0600hrs 24th May.

Asia Trade 

M/V Cosco Ashdod v.060E: At Cape Town anchorage, berthing  0200hrs 15th May to depart 2000hrs 16th May. The forward schedule will be updated post departure.

M/V Cosco Aqaba v.054E: Alongside and working at Pier 1 Durban and due to sail 2359hrs 16th May. Onward Cape Town berthing is still showing as 2000hrs 20th May to sail 2000hrs 22nd May.

M/V Bai Chay Bridge v.076E: Berthing Durban Pier 2 at 1900hrs 21st May to sail 0600hrs 25th May.  

M/V Cosco Wellington v.068E:  Due to berth Pier 2 Durban at 0600hrs 17th May to sail 1400hrs 21st May. 

M/V Cosco Sao Paulo v.080E:  Berthing on arrival at Pier 1 at 1400hrs 20th May to sail 2200hrs 22nd May, forward berthing plans for Cape Town will be updated in due course.   

M/V Cosco Surabaya v.093E: Due to berth Durban 1000hrs 25th May but will be updated nearer to her arrival. 
M/V MSC Lily v.0217E: Sailed Coega 1900hrs 14th May and ETA Port Kelang 1500hrs 27th May.

AIM – Middle East and West Africa product

M/V Montpellier v.2017W: Westbound for WAF ETA Durban 1900hrs 16th May. The berth at MPT still shows 2000hrs 20th May for departure 21st May and this is unlikely to change.

M/V Xpress Karakoram v.2010E: Eastbound for Middle East is now scheduled for arrival and berth Cape Town AM 19th May and sail AM 20th May. Durban schedule will be updated in due course.

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