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South Africa Terminal and Vessel Update 19th May 2020

Durban and Coega/Port Elizabeth continue to perform well with no delays of significance. 

Durban has a larger number of vessels expected towards the latter part of May, with higher move counts but minimal delays are predicted.

Cape Town container terminal suffered a second Covid-19 case resulting in stoppage time for deep cleaning. With reduced labor the terminal is now operating 16 hours per day until 20th May with current  berthing delays averaging 6.5 days. 

As at 18th May

Cape Town Container Terminal              - 3 berths / 3-4 gangs variable [16-hour total shift time]
Cape Town Multipurpose Terminal        - 1 berth / 2 gangs 
Coega Container Terminal                      - 2 berths / 4-5 gangs
Port Elizabeth Container Terminal          - 1 berth / 3 gangs 
Durban Pier 1 Terminal                            - 2 berth / 4-5 gangs
Durban Pier 2 Terminal                           - 4 berths / 10 gangs
Durban Multipurpose Terminal               - 2 berths

Latest vessel/trade updates are tabled below:

Europe Trade

M/V MOL Presence v.202B: Alongside working, but was affected by the slower work so will now only depart Cape Town 1000hrs 20th May. This will slightly delay arrival into European ports, but we will update arrival dates on departure.

M/V Santa Clara v.202B: At Cape Town anchorage, but despite the early arrival will only berth 1200hrs 23rd May and sail 0400hrs 26th May. European arrival dates on pro-forma should be in order.

M/V Santa Rita v.202B: Working at Pier 1 Durban and due to sail 1000hrs 19th May. Arrival Cape Town approx 22nd May providing time for her berthing window on the 28-30th May.

M/V Kmarin Aqua v.22N: First WAF1 sailing Port Elizabeth to Algeciras is still on time for PECT plan 0900hrs 24th May to sail 1400hrs 25th May. Stacks are open this week 20th to 22nd May. 

M/V Santa Isabel v.202B: Sailed Coega 2300hrs 17th May and is due Durban anchorage 0900hrs 19th May. The vessel is on time for berthing slot at Pier 1 from 1800hrs 23rd May to sail 0600hrs 26th May. Cape Town arrival on/off berth is on time based on buffer time between Durban and Cape Town. Dates will be updated in due course.

M/V Ulsan v.23N: Next WAF1 sailing Port Elizabeth to Algeciras is on time in the berthing window at PECT for 0900hrs 31st May.

M/V Santa Rosa v.202A/B: ETA Cape Town 0400hrs 24th May and on the berth plan for 1600hrs 25th May to sail 1600hrs 26th May. Berthing time Coega is 1700hrs 28th May.

Asia Trade 

M/V Cosco Ashdod v.060E: Sailed Cape Town 2245hrs 17th May and showing ETA Port Kelang 1200hrs 2nd June.

M/V Cosco Aqaba v.054E: Sailed Durban 1251hrs 16th May and has an ETA Cape Town anchorage at 1700hrs 19th May. Berthing Cape Town is expected 0600hrs 22nd May to sail 0600hrs 24th May.

M/V Bai Chay Bridge v.076E: Called Durban for import discharge only and now waiting to re-berth for export loading at Pier 2 from 1800hrs 21st May to sail 0600hrs 24th May.  

M/V Cosco Wellington v.068E: Alongside working at Pier 2 Durban and due to sail 1400hrs 21st May. 

M/V Cosco Sao Paulo v.080E: Berthing on arrival at Pier 1 at 1400hrs 20th May to sail 2200hrs 22nd May. Cape Town berthing plan shows 28th to 29th May, so the vessel is in good time for berthing window.

M/V Cosco Surabaya v.093E: Due to berth Durban 1000hrs 24th May to sail 1400hrs 27th May.

M/V Cape Artemisio v.2012E: ex ECSA is due to berth Coega 1200hrs 26th to sail AM 27th May.

AIM – Middle East and West Africa product

M/V Montpellier v.2017W: Westbound for WAF is at Durban anchorage and due to berth MPT at AM 20th May to sail 1200hrs 21st May. The vessel will berth and sail MPT Cape Town on 24th May.

M/V Xpress Karakoram v.2010E: Eastbound for Middle East is at Cape Town anchorage and due to berth PM 19th May to sail AM 20th May. The vessels current on berth time MPT Durban is AM 29th May to sail 31st May.

M/V ALS Venus v.2012E: Eastbound for Middle East is currently alongside working in Tin Can and is due to sail AM 23rd May. ETA and berth on arrival MPT Cape Town is 30th to 31st May. We are arranging to berth the vessel at Pier2 in Durban from 2nd to 3rd June, although actual on and off berth times will be updated in due course.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website .