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SRX service update – Addition of a 9th vessel to restore service reliability

During the last year, we have been keeping you informed of the problematic operational performance of the South African container terminals, which has resulted in extended port stays, berthing delays and challenges to maintain schedule integrity.  

Although climate elements such as strong winds resulting in stoppage of operations have always been a factor to consider when operating in South Africa, we have noted that over the past 2 years the situation has worsened. Strong winds are no longer limited to the windy season and are now causing delays throughout the year with increased frequency. In addition to these weather delays, operations are also negatively affected by surging and swell.

Another important factor affecting current operational performance issues are the challenges experienced by the terminal operator TPT (Transnet Port Terminals). TPT is the sole party mandated to operate the South African terminals. The challenges experienced range from labour issues, maintenance and equipment investments problems to process issues. 

In order to address these issues, the South African government have taken action by appointing a new TPT management team and making funds available for the necessary repairs and investments needed. However, reversing a situation that has built up over a decade is not something that can be corrected overnight. While operational performance over 2020 will improve, it may take another year before TPT can guarantee a stable performance at the required performance rate.

Knowing that our clients require schedule reliability for adequate planning of resources and product, we have decided to add an extra 9th vessel to our SRX service, whereby we have particularly increased the buffer time in Durban to ensure we can arrive at every South African port within the CTOC window (when we arrive outside our CTOC berthing window, our window is no longer guaranteed).
The addition of the 9th vessel will not only vastly improve the reliability of our SRX service, it will also allow us to reinstate the northbound call of Port Elizabeth and Algeciras. 

Hereunder you can find the new proforma and revised transit times for your perusal: 


Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website