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SRX service update – Santa Barbara 201B

Please be advised, due to the unavailability of a berthing window in Rotterdam and to maintain schedule integrity of M/V Santa Barbara 201B, the following contingency measures have been implemented:
1.    Rotterdam imports will discharge at Euromax terminal instead of APM terminal.
2.    Change of rotation: calling Rotterdam import call prior to London Gateway.

Below you can find the latest schedule of the Santa Barbara 201B/201A: 

Arrival IVoy Port OVoy Departure
22-03-2020 04:00 Sun 201B  NLRTM 201B 22-03-2020 22:00 Sun
23-03-2020 10:00 Mon 201B  GBLGP 201A 24-03-2020 06:00 Tue
29-03-2020 06:00 Sun  201B  DEBRV 201A 30-03-2020 06:00  Mon
31-03-2020 12:00 Tue  201A  NLRTM 201A 01-04-2020 07:00  Wed
05-04-2020 08:00 Sun  201B  ESALG TTI 201A 05-04-2020 14:00 Sun
05-04-2020 20:00 Sun  201B  ESALG APM 201A 06-04-2020 20:00 Mon

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website