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Stowage application for Non-DG Batteries (including Lithium Battery)

Dear Valued ONE Customers,

When transporting your cargo, safety is our number one priority. To ensure compliance with our Global acceptance policy and safety standards, we are performing verification of all bookings to make sure that all cargo is correctly declared and packed. This measure is a critical step in preventing accidents and ensuring the safe handling of your cargo. We know that declaring the correct commodity is as important for you as it is for us, therefore we kindly ask for your collaboration in checking that all cargo booked is correctly declared.

Please be advised for Non-DG Batteries (including Lithium Battery) booked with ONE will require a special stowage application for loading onto ONE & Partner Line vessels. The container will be stowed On Deck Away from Heat, you must advise ONE if you intend to load any non-DG Batteries (including Lithium Battery) within your container at the Booking Request stage, with the additional information required:

i. Battery Type/Model
ii. Battery conditions: NEW, USED, WASTE, or DAMAGED

By doing so, we can ensure the correct stowage position is requested for your container and avoid any subsequent issues.
Should we become aware only after loading of container or at the Bill of Lading stage that your consignment contains this commodity, it may not be possible to locate the required stow on the intended vessel, and in this case, your container will have to be removed from the load list and rolled to a later sailing.

In extreme cases of containers already loaded on board, a vessel found to be containing Non-DG Batteries, it may be necessary to have the container re-stowed whilst onboard, or removed from the vessel entirely if a suitable stow cannot be located. In such circumstances, as described above all associated charges will be invoiced to the Booking party.


Thank you for your understanding.
Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.


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